The Pisces Glyph

Astrological glyphs are the linear symbols used to depict each zodiac sign. Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind these simple designs? There are secrets, messages to unravel within them. The study of all twelve glyphs would make an excellent meditation.

Pisces glyph symbolism astrologyThis is the Pisces glyph. The simplistic symbol is drawn like a pair of parentheses, their backs to each other with a line across the middle. Many people are familiar with Pisces symbolized by two fish, commonly shown swimming in opposite directions. This marries the simplified glyph with the Pisces element of Water.

A Water sign, Pisces is intuitive, creative, and poetic. Pisces can lack stability and grounding, and may have an unrealistic, impractical approach. The dualistic nature enables Pisces to live in two worlds simultaneously. The harsh reality of the material world can become the emotional, psychic, and psychological fuel for their creative expression and entry into the mystical world.  The natural Twelfth House of the chart, Pisces may easily gravitate towards choices or beliefs that can cause isolation and loneliness. The less evolved Pisces struggles with a fluctuating two-world view, a split view of life, perhaps finding great difficulty maintaining their mundane life while living a hidden life of addiction. On the other hand, Pisces may place tremendous importance on service with a strong desire to be altruistic and selfless. But, they may become so absorbed in and around other people’s issues that their own life of health and joy remains disconnected and often neglected. This is a pitfall for the more evolved Pisces, who puts the cart before the horse with their good intention of taking care of others when they haven’t taken care of themselves first.

(I remember the first time I heard a flight attendant run through the safety protocols prior to take-off. When she discussed the oxygen masks and how adults must use the mask first, then administer oxygen to their children, I about died. My Pisces nature could not comprehend that the adult would dare take air first and let the child sit there gasping. But yes, I do understand the logic of it now.)

Pisces constellation
In this depiction of the Pisces constellation, the two fish swim in opposite direction and are tethered to a common point. This point of imprisonment and limitation must become the point of equilibrium, of unity and Light, the turning point wherein the two can confront each other, set aside differences, and move forward with unified purpose.

The line of force between the halves represents the burdensome yoke of samskaras, karma, or ignorance which binds our split-selves like a pair of oxen to a plow.  In this horizontal imbalance, we live with little awareness of the division between heaven and earth, the split between our spiritual nature and our physical being. We continually plow the fields with little concern for anything else. We function primarily from our solar plexus downward and respond to Life with clouded, conditioned emotion rather than Love-Wisdom, the radiant light and vibration of heart and the clarity and intelligence of mind, and thereby remain unaware of the rift between our head and heart where we remain non-integrated and divided.

With a stronger emphasis on our body than our mind, we may go to our graves wishing we had learned more or had made wiser choices.  As long as we are yoked, we are the fish swimming mindlessly in the pool of our personalities, driven selfishly to conquer and fulfill the desires of our egos, unaware that there is a great source, a power far beyond what we can dream, that could bring so much more greatness to our existence, understanding to our Being, and purpose to our incarnation. We have little to no awareness of the veils creating a blockage between our Soul and our personality.

The more evolved Pisces, who has undergone many years, many lifetimes of karmic processing, having worked hard to unravel the knots that bind the two halves, thus bridging the dualistic world view by having undergone (and survived) much inner work, loosen the yoke that binds and opens to a critical turning point, a pivotal shift, where the horizontal imbalance in matter becomes a vertical ascension in spirit. Through transformation and liberation, the two halves turn to face each other and together form a whole.

The two split existences, the dual world experience- ego/personality and the veiled Soul- can now merge energetically into a unified Whole, becoming a purified receptacle wherein the ego/personality is now yoked to the Higher Self and learns to cooperate with the Soul’s impulses, intuitions, and instruction. How much and how well this link provides loud and clear expression depends on the individual’s capacity to hear and perceive. How much and how well the individual acts upon what is heard and perceived depends on the individual’s maturity and readiness.

Many discuss the ego as something ‘to kill’ or ‘destroy’, but this is incorrect. The ego is every much a part of Creation as anything else and has a purpose. Through personal and spiritual growth and the gaining of wisdom, this opening, this new awareness of the Soul’s essence tames and slowly trains the ego. Before the full presence of the Soul’s radiance and guidance, the ego grows, not weaker, but submissive, a spiritual soldier waiting for his marching orders. As this link, referred to as the Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge, continues to develop and strengthen, the Soul gradually overshadows the ego/personality, ever developing through the individual’s spiritual evolution until there is a solid connection and the individual’s little will gives way to the Great Will of the Divine.

7 thoughts on “The Pisces Glyph

  1. Symbol Reader September 29, 2013 / 8:05 am

    I really loved this description, Renate. The evolved Pisces is indeed about Love-Wisdom.


    • renatembell September 29, 2013 / 9:25 am

      That means a lot to me, Monika. Thank you. I thought about you when I wrote this, wondering if you had already explored the symbolic meaning behind each glyph.


      • Symbol Reader September 29, 2013 / 10:39 am

        To be honest, I haven’t, but it is definitely worth pursuing.


  2. lindalitebeing September 29, 2013 / 1:36 pm

    lovely article Renate, you know the Piscean journey well. Many of the Pisces men I have known were both service oriented, very loving, with tendencies towards addiction and impracticality. It is a long road for most of us who dwell here. The flight attendant story you reference is one I often tell to my therapy clients to illustrate that self love and and self-care is required in order to nurture others properly.


  3. Eddie Two Hawks October 2, 2013 / 3:30 pm

    This is brilliant (from a Pisces into his second Saturn return).


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